The publication of Japanese Patent No.4247923/No.4575989/No.4647701
Korean patent No.10-1051371/Chinese patent No.ZL 2008 1 0130950.0
Peeling with bouncing
Peeling without water

Automatic Dry Peeler System has begun from developing DP-1000/2000
We have improved and remodeled the machine based on the opinions of customers.

We embraced new ideas and new mechanisms as well like a double drum structure and the smart peeler is designed as a functional and easy to use machine.

"Compact" , "simple and easy to use" and "high level cleaning" are best descriptions of this new machine.

Full automatic work

The machine uses an assembly line, which is putting materials into the machine, peeling and discharging, them automatically. A new supply conveyor allows putting and processing more materials easier.

Brings about the realization of being better for an environment and cutting costs significantly
discharged skin is thin and small

The machine performs without water.
Dry peeler system is able to do an environment-friendly work by producing no discharge of polluted water and using no water to peel.

It’s also able to peel small size materials or big ones which workers find difficult to peel (which require great care or cost to peel), and they will be saleable.

Smart peeler will cut the cost of water bill, waste water treatment facility and waste disposal cost of peeling.

* The method peeling in the photo is one such example.
The machine works more efficiently

It’s able to peel potatoes, taros, sweet potatoes, carrots and others which are difficult to peel.

For example, potatoes are not ever the same size or shape.
The method of peeling is different by customers’ order, too.

Smart peeler is able to set up method for peeling and a yield rate.
It will be meet a variety of customers' demands.

simple design as "easy for everyone"
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simple and easy to maintenance
the conveyor that made strongly
the drum able to remove and wash easily
Easy change the drum with the double drum structure
We embraced our own double drum structure for easy removable of drum.
When the drum is spent (which is the most important part in peeling), you are able to change only blade of a drum. This will help cut costs as when compared to a conventional peeler.
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inner drum and drum sleeve
easy to remove and wash
Permitted to wash whole machine
permitted to wash drum and whole machine

It’s important for a food products materials peeler to keep it clean Smart peeler is simple and durable.

The body is all stainless.

Of course, motor and sensor are waterproof.

Good mechanism for safety and maintenance
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easiness safety stopper
wirings are on the dorsum of the machine
to balance efficiently and safety by an easy-to-use fastener and a safety limit switch
a conveyor allows to putting and processing more materials stably
As a conveyor is made of stainless-steel, it is easy for cleaning and wholly washable with water
a simple and an easy-to-use equipment
change a direction of rotation with one button
Smart peeler line up
  • regular product : small and easy
    capacity 200kg
    case of the potato of medium size
    2 drum sleeves
  • more throughput is demonstrated
    capacity 400kg
    case of the potato of medium size
    4 drum sleeves
  • to a lot of materials processing
    capacity 800kg
    case of the potato of medium size
    8 drum sleeves
We will make suggestions to meet and respond to the various needs of customers.
Special specification : A supply conveyor with water tank
It will help to wash materials on ahead.
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Special specification : Conveyor line
It’s able to change a machine layout.
Special specification : Hand-loading Table Style
For Daikon (Japanese radish) or materials required preprocessing.
It is able to load in right timing.
Special specification : choose replacement sleeve by materials.

Smart peeler needs to change a drum sleeve when is spent.

Method of peeling different depending on the combination of sleeves.

We will make suggestions to meet and respond to an installation space and layout of customers.
*The figure illustrates DP-20
  DP-20 DP-40 DP-80
Main body size
A x B x C (mm)
2,773 x 640 x 1,859 3,500 x 640 x 1,859 3,500 x 1,120 x 1,859
Peeler body size
D x E x F (mm)
1,320 x 640 x 1,250 2,045 x 640 x 1,250 2.045 x 1,010 x 1,250
Height of material discharge spout(G) 1,420mm 1,420mm 1,695mm
Height of material discharge spout(H) 660mm 660mm 660mm
Peeler body weight 250kg 280kg 440kg
Feeder weight 150kg 150kg 170kg
Processing manner Dry-drum peeler system
Power requirements Three-phase 200V 1.0kW Three-phase 200V 1.0kW Three-phase 200V 1.8kW
Processing ability
size M potatoes
200kg~/h 400kg~/h 800kg~/h
*Accessories for main body (common to all models)[Power cable(5m),Aseismic fixing bracket,T-wrench(19mm)]
*Processing ability is varied with materials or how to peel.
*When a drum peeler becomes hard to peel by friction to use, a drum sleeve needs to be exchanged.
  The frequency to exchange a drum sleeve depends on the extent of friction.
*In terms of the products in this catalog, a part of appearance or specifications are subject to change without notice for improving quality.
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